1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch Quick Facts:

  • Players: 1-20 Players
  • Price: $49.99
  • Release: 3/2/17 (Switch Launch Day)
  • Console: Nintendo Switch (Exclusive)

Makes a party for, at most, 5 minutes.

1-2 Switch, is what most people are saying is the “Wii Sports” for the Nintendo Switch, and at the basis, it is Wii Sports. It demos the features of the Switch in a party-like, minigame forms. There’s no story, no progression to the game. You simply play games when you want, and in the Switch’s case, where you want.

Mentioned above, this is a PARTY game. I do mostly agree with that statement, yet it’s like a person that makes an appearance at a party, the crowd bursts into cheers, then the guy leaves, and everyone could start to care less. This is 1-2 Switch. Everyone may hop into the game, then start to grow tired of the “repeated” minigames.

I tested my hypothesis with the tggFam. As we started to play, we were all ecstatic to play the games and have a party. But, by the end, say 30 minutes in, we all grew reckless, except for me, in which I was persevered to finish. Case in point, 1-2 Switch grows boringly, boring at a party.

But, for the game, as a whole, the game has some interesting uses of the Joy-Cons, making you tilt it to count balls, “shoot” your gun first, and more. Some games are really fun to play over and over again. BUT, like all games, there’s gotta be some bad ones, and let me tell you, there are LOTS OF THEM! If you want to learn how NOT to be a good parent, take a crack at “Baby.” Some games just have you move your Joy-Con in weird ways, or just swing it around, like you would do with a Wii Remote in Just Dance.

1-2 Switch should have been a packed-in a game. Some minigames are fun and good to play, but after awhile, it WILL grow old. Hopefully, however, Nintendo will produce a (good) Mario Party, and we can have a party on the Switch most will enjoy!



  • Some FUN games
  • Interesting demo of controls.


  • Gets old, really fast.
  • Price.
  • Some silly, and stupid games.
  • Gets boring, especially at parties.
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