Welcome to the (new) tggReviews!

Note to self: Don’t merge everything you’ve posted in social media on a WordPress blog, especially if you have second thoughts afterward.

Hey now, welcome to the tggReviews website! Be sure to check all the content we have to come down the pipeline. We have a podcast planned, called tggTalk, where Nathan and I discuss life thoughts, games, and more childhood nostalgia things. It will be, hopefully, available on iTunes, as well as to view here. You’ll also find Tech Talk, with Mii U. He will cover all of the biggest tech trends, provide tech reviews, and more. Of course, we will be posting videos, gaming reviews, and more. And, our new brand, tggreview.com, will make it easier to get to! Be sure to bookmark, and follow, to get all the latest content from us.

See ya on the flip side! -Zac DeLane, CEO, tggEntertainment

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