HP Active Stylus

HP Active Stylus Quick Facts:


A pen of the Past.

The HP Active pen is a pen that calls to be used. It’s a somewhat new stylus to be used for the HP Spectire. (you can tell already, this review will be pretty brief)

The pen is literally a thing of medal that you jerk a battery into. Yet, the pen is precise when using it on the computer touch screen. It’s, overall, a great stylus to use.

The button on the stylus seems like it was super glued on the stylus, as it seems flimsy and not screen on the pen. There’s also a magnetic strip so you can put it on stuff, other than your computer, as it’s not magnetic.



  • It’s a pen. That’s it.


  • Flimsy Button
  • Magnetic Strip does not work on devices it’s compatible with.
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