HP Spectire x360 13.3in (2015)

HP Spectre 13.3in Quick Facts:

  • Price: Varies, depending on the features, see hp.com
    • I got mine from Best Buy for $1400, 16GB Ram, Intel Core I7, Touch Screen
    • I also bought the HP Active Stylus, too.
  • Included: Sleeve, Power Cord (the AMAZING HP UNIVERCIAL CHARGER!)

Better than a Mac, and iPad, Combined.

This computer is, literally, one of the best computers I’ve ever owned. It’s the best size for travel, fits well on your lap, AND, it’s one of the most powerful Window Laptop’s I’ve ever encountered.

The HP Spectre is great for any occasion. Whether typing an essay, watching a movie, or doodling some notes, the Spectre adapts to your lifestyle, rather than you having to adapt to your new computer. It’s also a powerhouse, too. I’m able to have both Premiere and Photoshop open, and working on simultaneously. It is a true powerhouse, with the latest graphic cards, even though I wished it was an NIVIDA rather than an Intel so I could play some games on Steam, but nonetheless, it is a great “YouTuber” laptop.

But, as all powerhouses have their perks, the HP system instead of using a fan as a primary source to cool down, it releases heat from the base of the computer. Meaning, if you’re actually using the computer as a “lap”top, then you may start to feel your leg or blanket burn. The heat released can start to get super uncomfortable, really quick. As well, sometimes the included touch screen can have a few glitches, as one pressure point, on my computer, has spasms, frequently. That can cause my work to slow to a halt, as I start to restart my computer, and get back into the mood. Though, is to be noted that there is NO CD drive on the computer. I sometimes had to grab a USB one, deep in my closet to install certain rivers.

Overall, with fast boot times, great graphics, but not 4K (see 2016 model) it is a true spectire, no pun intended, to marvel at.



  • Boot Times
  • Graphics
  • Power (16GB, i7)
  • Touch Screen
  • Multiple Screen Layouts


  • Unbearable heat
  • No Disk Drive!
  • Touch Screen Not Responding/Over Responding
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