Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Quick Facts:

  • Price: $299.99
  • Release Date: 3/3/17
  • Availability: Limited, other than Ebay.

A true switch in Gaming.

Nintendo’s new “Console, portable hybrid” has people raving in both sides of the puzzle. Most people agree that the console performs well as a handheld, but underperforms as a home console.

LINE 2: The Nintendo switch is unique. It’s a console that does things differently. And, generally, most of us aren’t accustomed different. We all want the norm, and want to stay normal. Yet, the switch combines the best of both worlds by bringing Portable gaming, and the console gaming together in one.

As a portable, the Nintendo switch delivers. With its custom graphics card, boosted ram, and capacitive touch screen, you’ll find the Nintendo switch hard to hate when you’re taking it on the go. Portability yet is an issue. Because of the size of the console, you can’t stick in your pocket. However, if you were to remove the JoyCon you should probably be able to fit in your pocket at ease. But, for a portable, the battery life is subpar. You can expect to get 3 hours, on average, playing higher quality games. The kickstand is also a nice addition. I would prefer if the kickstand would lean back more, to allow for angled viewing rather than having to place it a bit farther from me to view at a better angle. The Nintendo switch, I can assure, is a portable console.

The Nintendo Switch somewhat creates a conclusion about how the TV mode was seemed “forced” into the console design. The provided dock is clunky and does feel super cheap and toy-like. When plugged into the TV, overall, I have not noticed significant lag time with games I have been playing. Yet, there have been problems reported about disconnection of the controllers from the console constantly. As well, there has been reports of people scratching their screen when inserting into the dock. The design of the dock was underthought and makes it feel like a last minute decision made on Nintendo’s part.



  • Good Concept
  • Good Handheld processing power
  • Solid Price



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