Lego City Undercover

Quick Facts

  • Price: $59.99
  • Consoles: PS4, Switch, PC (Wii U, older version)

Chase is on the Case, again.

Lego City undercover was well praised on the Wii U, but now, has been ported to the big name consoles. And now, has some new additions that people griped about on Wii U.

Lego City starts as a cop, going back into the field after he made an arrest on one of the cities biggest ciminals. He now has to save Lego City from Rex Fury, again. This is the main premis of the story, and expands as you advance theough the game.

Lego City is a big city, but being an owner of the Wii U game, it all seems old. This game is literally a port from the Wii U, with minor additions. But, I feel welcomed and find something new to do in Lego City every day.

Overall, theres lots of things to explore and do in Lego City. I’m now trying to get to 100%. This game, need I say no more, is a port from the Wii U. Sure, it does have Multiplayer, and you can play this on the go, but it’s Lego City Undercover. Thats it.



  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Cutseens
  • (slightly) better loading times


  • It’s Lego City Undercover. Nothing is new.
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