Designated Survivor: Season 1/2

NOTE: Some Season 1/2 Spoilers ahead! Be cautious!

Let’s start with this: ABC sucks. I don’t know what it is about them, whether it’s their terrible and weird shows, there terrible reporting with news, or even their weird audio glitches. Truly, ABC is not everyone’s preferred network, compared to NBC’s recent ratings. But, when I saw the previews from watching ABC one day, I started to get interested and intrigued. I decided to give it a watch.

And I’m glad I decided to give it a watch. ABC completely jumped into this show, and I’m glad they made ONE smart desition. This show starts with a bombing at the capitol, sending the government into corruption, but there is a new president in town, our main character, Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is the new president and was the Designated Survivor during the State of the union.

This show takes politics in a new direction. Sure, it’s dramatic, but it works. The action, mystery, and conspiracies in each episode add elements to one big story. The story has been dragged out, sure, some episodes aren’t winners, but for the most part, all episodes are suspenseful, filled with action, and lots of dialogue.

But, there are some details I noticed through the show. Let’s just say, they abused the meaning of the green screen. For instance, when Tom is walking outside, you can start to notice that they simply threw an image behind them of nature shots. Even worse, in a later episode, Tom is boarding Air Force One, and you truly can tell how bad they Green Screened. Truly, this needs some improvement.

Overall, it’s a great show. I dropped my hyped show Blindspot to watch this show (though, NBC moved it too early for me to watch) This show was a win for ABC.



  • Good Story
  • Action
  • Good Tone


  • Lots of graphical problems
  • Some episodes, suck.
  • The local news is on after this show (ew, KVUE…)


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