SNES Classic (or Mini): A Good Idea?

Recently, Nintendo dropped a bombshell on their Twitter. The SNES was getting the mini mushroom to receive a new plug and play console. The true question is: Has Nintendo learned from their mistakes?

It was rumored to come out sooner or later, and now, Nintendo officially confirmed it. Why wouldn’t they? Seeing the success of the NES Classic, which the demand weighed out the stock, Nintendo saw it as a cash opportunity. But will they screw it up again?

Nintendo also confirmed they will be manufacturing the console through December. It comes out September 29th, practically October, so that gives about a 3-month selling period for the plug and play console.

It all comes down to the driving question: Will the consumer want it? And, at the rate were going at, the public seems excited for this. One of the games included, Star Fox 2, has NEVER been released. EVER. That was truly a bold move by Nintendo, and now, they just placed a piece of bread in front of 10,000 ducks. Only time will tell the demand and supply of the console.

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