Splatoon 2

This review is Spoiler Free!

Splatoon was one of Nintendo’s freshest (no pun intended) idea in awhile. And now, Nintendo is back at inking the playing field with Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

Most reviews have compared Splatoon 2 to the original, calling it a port and an unnecessary sequel. Since we have not reviewed Splatoon, we won’t be comparing it to the original, and that won’t affect our score.

Splatoon 2 has you controlling a Squid-Kid, otherwise known as an Inking, that squirts ink out of a gun, roller, and even a paint brush. The rule set of spraying the ink is up to you. Turf war has you battling for turf. After 3 minutes, the team that has covered the most ground (excluding walls) wins. But, for a more fiery matchup, there are Ranked Battles. These rules sets differ, from a capture the flag-like mode, to a territory control mode. These ranked rule sets are available for only the freshest of Inklings (level 10 and up). Then, there are ways to play with these rule sets. You can host a private battle, which has you and your friends in one private lobby, where you pick the stage and rule set. For something a bit more fierce, there are squad battles. You and your friends team up in Ranked Battle and find another quadrant of friends to take on. You battle for 2 hours, or until the stages change next, and receive a score, which earns you an in-game medal. I wasn’t able to test this because I am the worst at ranked battles. Anf finally, the online lounge. I won’t be talking too much about it, but it utilizes the Nintendo Switch Online App, which we did discuss in a review prior to this one. This won’t affect my score, by the way.

One of the new editions to the game is the all new mode, Salmon Run. This mode puts four inklings together and puts them on the battlefield to fight Samonoids and various bosses. It can get chaotic, and truly does involve teamwork. Your are also assigned weapons, which can call for true strategy. This mode was calling for open voice chat, but Nintendo is at it again with the Online Lounge (but, we already reviewed it, so look at that). Salmon Run is addictive, fun, but is limited by the hours you can “work”. I don’t mind this addition, but I wish it was open more frequently.

To top it all off is the local play. I briefly experienced this and saw no connection errors. You have host Private battles, and Salmon Runs. I truly wish there was Download Play, for people who did not have the game, but overall, it’s fine for the time being.

And finally, for people looking for an offline experience, there is the new “Octo Canyon” mode, which is “Octo Valley” from Splatoon (Wii U). This puts players on a hunt to find the Great Zapfish, with Squid Sister Marie, but I wonder where Callie is? Anyways, the mode uses platforming and various weapons to get through the challenges. This mode was fun, except all of the charger levels, but still was a blast to get through. But, it ended so quickly. I was able to knock it out in about 4-5 hours, and the reward is somewhat underwhelming. If only Nintendo were to make an Octarian focused game, with full fledged levels.

Overall, Splatton 2 is a solid game. There are a few areas of improvement, but they can be worked out over time.



  • Solid Battle Modes
  • Good online experience
  • Salmon Run
  • Gear and Weapons


  • Short Story mode
  • Voice Chat.
  • No enough matchmaking options (ex: Online Spectatior Mode while waiting)


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