Why Splatoon 2 is OP, (or Over Powered)

Note: Rage and Heavy Opinions ahead

Believe me, I love Splatoon 2. I cranked 50 hours into the game in just the first week. But, through those 40 hours, I’ve begun to notice something: people.

Now, I know. “Zac, people are in each match, that’s who you’re playing with, duuuuh.” And I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about PEOPLE! Some people in Splatoon 2 only focus on “Splatting” each other. Yes, granted, that is a strategy to keep the opponents at bay, but in no way are you rewarded for it. So, I’m gonna get a bit pissed off when you keep killing me every single time I reach the middle. “WELL ZAC, maybe you’re a bad Spatoon 2 Player!” Well, heh heh, humble brag here, but my matches won outweigh my losses, and even when I lose, I am still the best player on my team.

So, just a cry out to all you inklings out there. If you think your gonna go all Octobrush on me, just to “keep me at bay,” I will gladly report you to Nintendo. Because, killing me and my team mates over, and over again, is not what Splatoon 2 is about. If you want to kill some people, go get Call of Duty and throw Splatoon 2 away.


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