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tggEdu Masters

Introducing masters.

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tggEdu Masters is where a tggEdu certified instructor comes to teach one of our curriculums at your program. After participating in a class, the students will be enrolled into the tggEdu database. Then, they will be able to track credits and other achievements in the program. Upon earning 3 credits within a track (Photography, Technology, Etc.) Students will earn a certificate of completion that can show the achievement of the student.

Basic Q/A:
How can my child participate?
Check our map (coming soon) for more detail in what courses are being taught and how you can participate at that location. You’ll also see what classes are offered that week.

What’s the difference between other clubs and activities?
Normal clubs and other district extracurricular activities may be blander and stick to all aged activities. tggEdu is customized for your child. We develop our programs like a normal school class, with hands-on time with equipment.

How do I register?
Sign up via the location. We do not do signups on our site. You need to view the location on the website for more information on when and where were offering it.

For questions or to become certified, email

*tggEdu Masters is non-profit and is not associated with TEA or any educational company.