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Our premier education brand, tggEdu teaches young kids and adults job skills, with a course format comparable to high school. Bellow, you’ll find information about the 2 programs we offer:



Led by a certified instructor, Masters enriches kids minds with the real world.



We got the meats, you got the teach. Use our resources to teach and empower kids to do the impossible.

Success Leads to Possibilities.

All lessons posted on this site has been tested and has been successful.

Aspiring for Creativity.

We bring and develop our lessons around one concept: Creativity. We want our students not to be limited to A, B, or C, and instead focused on what they can create and come up with.

tggEdu Masters, stunning.

Our program teaches students about the future, with a professional in the field. From videoing and learning skills that they can use through their skill life, your student will love participation in our masters program.